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about us

Cinemania s.r.o. is a film and television production company founded and owned by a group of film professionals.


We work with a wide network of external partners, people with enormous creative potential, directors, screenwriters, copywriters and small creative shops.


A carefully selected team of creative and professional production, which has decades of work experience including advertising campaigns for SAZKA.


Team capable of production of all audiovisual works presented in its diverse portfolio of products and services.


We stood at the birth of product and imageo advertising campaigns that won many prestigious awards in advertising festivals at home and abroad.


Cinemania welcomes under its wing talented filmmakers and projects, starting with short films and fun-filled documents to feature-length projects.


the main criterion for selecting materials for processing is the primary theme of harmony with the author of the project. Preference genre is evident from the portfolio of individual shareholders. WE LOVE color film. and therefore, funny and clever films and commercials.


The intellectual leader KAREL JANÁK, as a director and screenwriter prepares a wide range of film and television projects, and is very often busy filming commercials for leading Czech companies.


Karel made films and fairy tales: Princess and scribe, 10 rules how to hook a woman, Rafters, Snowboarders, Ro (c) k podvraťáků, 12 marigolds, School in the mill, Aliens in Colorado

Karel is among the best Czech advertising directors who worked for clients as: Kofola, SAZKA, T-Mobile, O2, Albert and others.



Producer of the company is MARTIN KOŘÍNEK, who founded Cinemania Ltd. As a professional worked on ten feature films in the role of executive producer or producer. At the same time has made more than a hundred television commercials, the main pillar of its activity was then working on spots for SAZKA that have won numerous awards at home and abroad.


Martin made films:

Dark Blue World, Girlie, Lovers and murderers, Westernstory, Rafters, Romeo and Juliet, Cyril and Methodius, St. Helena Island, Bohemians, Sarajevo, The Princess and the scribe



Shareholder of the company is also ROMAN ČAPEK, experienced sound engineer, professional mixer of the movies Snowboarders, Rafters, Ro (c) k podvraťáků,  Westernstory. Apart from films and TV series works at dubbing and television advertising, in his home studio SOUNDWAVE.







The fourth partner and director of photography for directors Hřebejk, Janak, Vejdělek is MARTIN ŠÁCHA. He made films: Holy foursome, Men in Hope, Innocence, Women in Temptation, Kawasaki's Rose, Rafters, Ro (c) k podvraťáků, Velvet killers, Snowboarders , Aliens in Colorado, Princess and scribe


Martin likes working on visual commercials and specializes in aerial shots with FLIGHTCAM


“we love color films in lenght from 10sec to 120min”

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