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This year CINEMANIA produced another set of TVC for our client LIVESPORT Media. This time the task was very difficult to shoot a 3piece commercial in busy streets of world biggest city. Producer Martin Kořínek selected South African CAPE TOWN with its busy streets. The spot was shot during three nights in night club district.  Local production services were provides by StillKing and our friend Rudi.  WATCH THE SPOT IN OUR SHOWREEL

(check the storyboard bellow if we did a good job)

Daniel Yates Booroff as Hooligan


A new television advertisement intended for the Czech Republic and Eurosport in the EU was created in January 2015 during 2 shooting days.  script by agency BeefBrothers, directed by Filip Rack. Cinematographer Martin Matiášek.


Spot shows football fan, who for the first time in four years celebrates birthday of his girlfriend at home instead of cheering at the game with friends. With the application of he is able to monitor the development of the match at every second. And when there is a time for goal celebration he turns appropriately emotional. He jabs burning flare into the birthday cake ...


We casted the main hero from London casting agency Ordinary People.




PRINCESS AND SCRIBE christmas TV fairytale

She is stubborn and he has a plan, but now must rely on each other! The adventurous romantic fairy tale told with humor and heroes who will be close. Starring: M. Ruml, M. Timková, J. Bartoška, M. Kramar, P. Nárožný, N. Odd, J. Han, R. Kalvoda, B. Srncová, Š. Benoni, J. Dvorak, M. and Doležalová next. Scenario R. Merkner. Camera M. chess. Directed by K. Janak



more info at ČT

THE GENTLEMAN - finished, in post


director Ivan Svedoff


“A gentleman is someone who can play the accordion, but doesn't” ― Tom Waits

Existentialist comedy. 13 min. Starring: Pepa - Václav Postránecký, Vitalij - Ivan Shvedoff


Czech citizen of Russian origin Vitaly (41, looks like a businessman) out the door station. In one hand he has a big parrot cage and handle broken off from the trunk, the other, dragging a suitcase on wheels.

At the taxi stand several cars companies somehow "TAXI". One of the drivers Vitaly now offer their services. Vitalij but says he would need a taxi, but does not have enough money. Taxi driver leaves.

Vitalij moment stands at a loss of what to do next. The other side approach him cabbie-loner (competing with "Somehow Taxi") - PEPA (62), also offers its services. Misses but not finish, because one of the cabbies JAKSI TAKSI pretty rough on him, shouts from afar, it erases away. Joe says that to pick up a neighbor. Hastily settles nothing uncomprehending Vitaly into his taxi, tucks trunk and the cage into the trunk, secretly stabs rear wheel before it parked car JAKSI TAXI and leaves with Vitalij.

In the car Pepy. Vitaly is Pepa admits he has little money. Pepa wants him taken out of the car, but sees that it is chasing the car somehow Taxi. My fear of retribution, and therefore Vitalia left. Pepa manage to break away from pursuers and starts with Vitaly fun. He is interested in, among other things, why Vitalij travels without money. Vitalij answers that work, because of which flew to Lisbon, failed, then came another volcano, and all flights to Europe is halted for two weeks. All the money spent on Vitalij hotel, for food and for a new ticket. And then, the cage for a parrot - a gift for my daughter. But - assures Pepa - home money is. Pepa does not want to risk it. "We like that. - He says. - How many smiley you have now with me? "" Well, about 460 crowns "- Vitaly answers. "Do your Černošice certainly not be enough, but we're going to end money. But then you come out. "

He hears that Joe speaks with an accent, and asks what you're doing Vitaly, I work, and it's all pretty offensively. Asked about výdělkách Vitaly says that killing for money. When they see that Joe takes it seriously, Vitaly is to laugh and say that it was a joke. "Have you thought about - Dude, the Russian mafia is with me amen"

Interview returns to normal, auto commute from the city when suddenly overtake a car ahead brakes Somehow Taxi.

The second car covered a way of escape from behind. The first three cars come from irate taxi driver somehow Taxi. Pepa panic. Vitalij offers to speak with them. "Sed' and shut up!" - Hisses at him Pepa. But Vitaly already comes out of the car, goes across taxikařím a gesture to stop them.

Pepa with a voltage is watching from his car. He can not hear what he was saying, but he sees that face the aggressors are pulled uncertainly falters, rotate, sit in their cars and leave. Vitalij gets in the car Pepy. "What have you told them?" - "I just asked them to get away. But I had to promise that you'll tell them to not climb into the cabbage A round that you owe them. "

Pepa just stares at Vitaly studied. Words Vitaly scared him more than a taxi driver in Taxi somehow. Finally speaks: "That's amazing that you played such athletes, but what it fa eaten? And it would do tuhýho "

"But it would not" - Vitaly answers and pulls gun from his pocket. After a while she gives a laugh: "Do not worry, it's just a dummy. It's a toy. "

Then leans back and closes his eyes.

Pepa is still at a high voltage. Occasionally glancing furtively at Vitali.

Suddenly Pepa looks at the meter and brake heavily. Vitalij opens his eyes and looks around quizzically looking at Jeff. Pepa clears his throat: "The end came coins. Get out. Please. "Overcoming his own fears Pepa urges stepped Vitalij. Vitalij extends into the breast pocket of his coat and pulls out ... peníze.Pepa dismissive shakes his head: "I do not want your money. Get out. "

Vitalij comes out of the car, pulls out his trunk and the cage. Auto departs fast like a rocket.

Moment Vitalij looking in the same direction, sullenly rotates the sides. Around him is just a bare field, on the road nejede one-only car.

Vitalij sees an empty beer bottle, standing on the roadside at about 20 m distance.

While on her looks, then snatches the gun from under his coat and shot three times. Fourth - aptly.

short news

new christmas tale on CT1 on December 24, 2014 was watched by a record number of spectators. Fairytale Karel Janák had highest amount of annual ratings within the group of CT just over than 2,000,000 viewers.


Director Tomas Medek still looking for telent and dancers in the film U CAN. Registration here:

The film is co-developed with BioIllusion


visit the original shooting location at Boskovice


on sale on DVD and Blueray

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