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prep in full speed for another LIVESPORT TVC

JUNE 2023

another challenge, 4months of prep and finding the right crew, getting ready to shoot in August


cooperation on TV Series AGROMETAL for TV Prima

MAY 2022


APRIL 2023

months and months of prep, shooting in may-september 2022 and postproduction till april 2023. Cinemani producer Martin Kořínek as executive producer, director Karel Janák and sound mixer Roman Čapek joined cinemania forces for producer Romana Goščíková-Janáková.


DUBEN 2022



third time lovely shoot with director Sakari Lerkkanen and lovely Petra Kvitová for 2 TVC´s of Flashscore. 3days of intense shoot at various locations included Václav Havel Prague International Airport, Slavia stadium, Hotel Hilton Prague, Kladno football stadium, Tenis stadium Štvanice. Day and night with DOP Radim Střelka and set designer Nina Feriancová. Producer Martin Kořínek.

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