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Director:  Karel Janák

DOP: Martin Šácha​

Sound: Roman Čapek

Executive producer: Martin Kořínek

Script:  Rudolf Merkner

Genre:  štědrovečerní pohádka ČT

She is stubborn, and he´s got escape plan, but now both must rely on each other! Janek royal scribe and Princess Amelia mainly think of various pranks and horseplay. At the castle its time for celebration and everything seems bathed in sunshine.  It was just a moment, but it appears that a dark cloud in the form of three wealthy visitors headed by evil Mr. Dietrich just arrived to turn thing upside down...


Director:  Tomáš Medek

Script:  Petr Kolečko

Genre:  teenage comedy

teenage comedy from street dance enviroment


Režie:  Vlastimil Peška

Scénář:  Vlastimil Peška

Žánr:  westernová komedie

Staring: Mario Kubec, Petr Vondráček, Bob Klepl, Pavel Zedníček, Matouš Ruml, Veronika Kubařová, Kristýna Leichtová, Pavel Landovský

wild west comedy from middle of Moravia, where adults play as kids in western replica town.


Director: Vlastimil Šimůnek

Script:  Vlastimil Šimůnek, Andrea Bílková

Genre:  Drama, roadmovie

St. Helena tells the story of singer Franc, selfish and loving man, who worked as a musician on ocean cruise ships. Gradually alienated his family and he was alone.

On the advice of friends Franc goes in search of his daughter to the thousand kilometers away expatriate village of Saint Helena in Romanian Banat. Meeting with people who live in harmony with God and nature and the search for his daughter, which in itself does not know a reconciliation Franc with the idea that with age so afraid - they will live a life of solitude in exile. But things get unexpected turn ...


Director:  Michal Reich

Script:  Paul Lopez

Genre:  Thriller

Blank is filled. Old resumes. Straightens crooked.

Rather than feeling the story. Rather dream than a reality. The film tells the story of Qin, Asians, who lives in a foreign country and must feed on vegetable imports. During the traditional Chinese ritual looks inward and images that they see, will blend with the reality of his everyday life.

Mysterious figure is as Qin´s shadow appears.  It is wherever he is. Chasing him ... or maybe it performs various chambers prophecy. And when the right time comes, Qin with it will have to fight a duel, which can not win by force. He will have to understand the nature of your shadow ... Starring: Qin Xiao Xiong, Pavel Dvorščík


The first Czech kung fu film Day of the Dragon is in many ways a unique project. Originated in coproduction Cinemania sro, Czech Television, Flamesite Ltd. and FAMU. It's a short film full of fight scenes unique to the Czech environment, linked dreamlike paintings and dark atmosphere.

Day of the Dragon is unique not only in its genre, but also trying to merge elements of art-film features the Hong Kong cinema. The main means of expression becomes body movement and story is loosely interwoven through a sequence of images and associations.


Director:  Karel Janák

Script:  Karel Janák, Tomáš Holeček, Jan Prušinovský

Genre:  teenage letní komedie

Summer teenage comedy by director Karel Janak, staring Vojta Kotek and Jiri Madl  in the main roles. Each of us remembers the nightmare teenager life who has to spend a vacation with his parents. And when this nightmare has become a reality thanks to an unfortunate series of coincidences, it's really infuriating. Dany and Filip, but never give up hope in this situation.

Feature film Rafters is full of laughter, suspense and embarrassment that arises from unexpected situations. Last holiday with his parents, in which boys experience things for which parents really should not exist.

When Dany promised Filip to help him pick up a girl, he did not know how many obstacles will cross their way. Despite having to cope with Dany parents, little brother, Johnny, strict instructor Borek, final discovery of a girls rafting course offers endless possibilities to help Filip desires.

What you can experience on the water? Bathing, boredom, rapids, weariness, love, disappointment and drunkenness.

Rafters is a comedy for young people, teenagers, and their parents who remember those carefree first love oportunities.

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